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Book four of the Dark Warrior Alliance follows Gerrick-sorcerer and Dark Warrior, an immortal sworn to protect both immortals and humans from the evils that lurk in and around Seattle.  Brooding, laconic Gerrick rescues Shae, a beautiful vampire, from a pair of powerful archdemons who had been torturing her and a group of female captives.  She and the other captives are brought to Zeum, the vam

Virgil Radcliffe has returned from a self-imposed exile to London as the new Marquess of Wallingford. Even after leaving to fight Napoleon he was unable to forget the woman he fell in love with, but upon his return she appears to have vanished from the face of the earth. When he stays in his friend’s house he belatedly realizes that the woman he has been searching for is just a bedroom away.

Air pirate Albion Clemens hies off to Europe to search for his foster father, Captain Samuel Clemens.

Attending a ball shortly after returning from finishing school, Emilia Comber is introduced to Felix Turnbridge, Earl of Fennington, who surprises them both by kissing her as they walk in the gardens.  Felix immediately asks Emilia’s father for her hand but he insists that Felix must court Emilia for eight weeks and only then will a proposal be allowed.  Felix, as his alter ego Mr.

For years Lila has known she can sometimes hear other people’s thoughts, but why is she now having vivid, disturbing dreams involving Wesley, the new guy in her class?  When her teacher springs a group pr