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SCI-FI:  Mass amounts of birds and fish are suddenly found dead in various places around the world. Gorillas and Emperor Penguins are the newest additions to the list and all are killed in the same unexplainable manor.

Ally Riviera's life is far from perfect. She's stuck in a not-so-good part of town, her family life is a true mess and her job is far from what she dreams of doing.

Captive Hero

TIME TRAVEL:  Captain Samantha can’t believe this happened to her. Time travel? It simply doesn’t exist! Too bad she actually experienced it.

Upon a Midnight Dream
Van Dyken

Stefan Hudson, future Duke of Monmouth, was shipwrecked during his travels in India.  Finally returning to England. to resume his role as heir to the dukedom means also accepting the betrothal his parents have arranged in his absence.

Desert Heat

Julia Alvarez is a scientist working on a cure for leukemia. When she exits the building one evening and discovers her colleague murdered beside his car she can’t believe what she sees. After the police arrive and start an investigation, she goes inside to the lab to see if she can find some clue as to the reason for his murder.