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Judy and her roommate Meg have just graduated from college and moved to California. Her rock star brother Michael, has generously offered to let the girls move into his home while he is in Europe. Rick is one of Michael’s bodyguards, but he also watches out for the rest of Michael’s family.

Losing Logan (Losing Logan #1)
Sherry D.

PARANORMAL/MYSTERY:  Zoe and her best friend Carlos are at the funeral home viewing for her friend Logan. She feels so wrong being there - she and Logan had not been close for years. She ventures out of the sanctuary to use the restroom and is shocked to see Logan walking towards her.

A Guy and a Girl

NEW ADULT:  Chelsea’s dad is a hockey coach with one staunch rule: none of his players are allowed to date his daughter. Chelsea is painfully aware of this rule, but it has never been an issue until this summer. She and her best friend see the latest group of rookies come in and they both agree that Hunter is one fine catch.

Sam Moreland is a good man, and he needs a wife. Going home to Sweetwater Springs is a good place to find one. If he doesn’t, the courts will give his little girl to the abusive, limelight-seeking Medusa who gave birth to her. Sam won’t let that happen.

Clare and her sister Tina take a trip of a lifetime, but Italy offers more than the Tower of Pisa. Death, a portal into another world and a vampire named Trevi who needs to find his own freedom, makes a promise to show Clare the way home.