The Still Small Voice

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Cast out by her family for being a lesbian and having not spoken to them in years, Madison Moore is hesitant to go back home when she is summoned home by her father. What she doesn’t expect is to be thrust into the middle of a mystery where she may get to help someone who has been wrongfully imprisoned. The bombshell is dropped by her father, who asks Madison to help the woman as his dying wish. What Madison doesn’t expect is to find that the answers she seeks involve her and what she has been through in the past. Will Madison be able to help the woman and find the real murderer? Or will she be unable to fulfill her father’s dying wish?
The first thing to mention when discussing this story is the delicate issue of gender and sexuality that Brenda Stanley handles beautifully. Some readers may be triggered by the situations that arise in the story and derogatory names used, so it is best to take this into consideration before delving into the story. Madison’s is a sad story, but she has overcome so much in the past, and while she has every right to deny her father his dying wish, she takes it head on. There are an array of intriguing characters that some readers will love and others may not. Vivid descriptions and a well driven plot are more than worth mentioning. Fans of mystery will enjoy this and it is another gem to add to the e-reader and enjoy as the cold weather moves in.
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick