Petrichor Blooms (The Halcyon Universe #2)

Mindi Briar

SCIENCE FICTION: Danya Xiang is raised as a member of the Greenjacket rebel organization, as well as her twin sister, Nox. Danya couldn’t be more different from her sister if she tried. While Nox is in the military and loves to go on missions, Danya prefers to work in food production, far away from the military. But when Nox becomes injured right before she is set to go out on a mission, she convinces her sister to trade places with her so that Nox can get the intel that she needs. After Danya reluctantly takes her sister’s place, things appear to be going smoothly. But after the Greenjacket army captures Amy Ediya, a university student, Danya and Amy decide to desert the army and go on their own quest to find Amy’s family.

“Petrichor Blooms” is a science fiction story with some female/female romance thrown in. It is well-written and easy to read. The dialogue between the characters is enjoyable and humorous. Danya and Nox even share some unique abilities that will keep readers invested in how this story progresses. “Petrichor Blooms” is the second book in the series, and is written as a standalone. However, readers may find it a little difficult to understand the world building without reading the first book. At times, it can become a little confusing. While the pacing can be very slow at times, Ms. Briar does a good job of keeping the story engaging in this fun space adventure that will leave readers wanting more.

Jennifer Shepherd