Night is for Hunting (Moonrise Book 2)

Jules Kelley

PARANORMAL: Diego Sanchez is adjusting to life as a werewolf. Now he is driving his vampire friend, Val, to Las Vegas, the city of Diego’s birth and home to his family. Val is determined to right a wrong, which means an audience with the highest vampire authority. As he and Diego track down their quarry, the attraction between them grows. But with the Las Vegas pack on one side and vampires on the other, they’ll be lucky to make it back to Montana by the full moon. Haley Fern is alpha of her Montana pack and gave Diego permission to go. Meanwhile, her mother shows up earlier than expected and her human boyfriend, Leland, is acting strange. Leland has a lot on his plate, including bad news from his old job. With Halloween approaching and a full moon, there’s plenty happening to keep everyone on their toes.

“Night is for Hunting” entertains with a blend of humor, drama, and suspense! Diego steals the show with his mouthy bravado combined with vulnerability. The characters are well drawn and distinct. Haley deals with insecurity over her leadership as pack leader, while Leland and Val must face their past and its impact on the present. With two main storylines and every chapter in a new point of view, it takes time to become invested in the story events. The worldbuilding is interesting but needs more explanation. The Las Vegas story is fast paced and continuously raises the stakes. The Montana story seems focused on the characters’ internal struggles. “Night is for Hunting” offers a paranormal tale filled with memorable characters in a world of intriguing possibilities!

Tricia Hill