Ghostly Howls: A Paranormal Fantasy Romance


PARANORMAL: Orla is a soul possessor and cockle shell seller who lives a very solitary, lonely existence. Her roommate, Molly, is a half banshee who not only understands Orla but lives with her too. Orla is scared to touch anyone, including her best friend, Dave, whom she also loves. Molly loves Cormac, but whenever Molly gets close to her, she inexplicably pulls away. Molly keeps having visions and hearing the name Drogheda yet doesn’t know what it means. Orla and Molly’s small-town Ethel, VA, is being plagued by angry poltergeists. Orla must overcome her touch aversion in order to show how much she loves Dave, while Molly must stop Cormac from getting on a boat to help a friend. Plus, they both must stop the ghosts from invading the town without losing their loves or each other.

An extraordinary paranormal fantasy filled with so many different elements all jam-packed into a fast read! The story is told from dual points of view, pushing the tale along wonderfully and managing to thoroughly immerse readers in the thick of it. The town is portrayed beautifully, although it doesn’t seem like such a good idea to visit. The story, however, is complete and written with great care with each of the protagonist’s abilities explained perfectly. Nevertheless, both live in such careful isolation. The book doesn’t skimp on visual descriptions either. Hopefully, there will be more about the other characters and the town in another book. Ms. Hansen has penned such a magnificent story that the only sad thing is that it has to end!

Roslynn Ernst