Flipping (Haunted Hearts #1)

R. Lee

PARANORMAL: Charley Dalton is positive he will never find love again. Being a ghost makes it a little difficult. He has been in this very big house for quite a long time with several other ghosts and things have been monotonous and calm. That is until the handsome Austin Sparks comes to live in the house after the previous owner, his grandmother, passes away. Austin and his ghost hunter partner, Walter, are determined to flip the house and sell it for profit. The ghosts, on the other hand, have other ideas. While Walter is determined to find proof of a haunting, Austin begins renovations. Charley and his family of ghosts are determined to see them leave, but just how will they go about doing it, and can Charley keep his developing feelings for Austin under wraps?

“Flipping” is such a heart-warming book about characters who are learning more about themselves and the lives—and afterlives—they are living. Readers will be entranced by the developing relationships between the characters, as well as the cute and quirky romance throughout. “Flipping” is a very easy, fast-paced read, and the ending does not disappoint. Ms. Fryar does an amazing job with her twists and turns throughout the book, from frightening moments between the living and the dead, to the heartwarming moments between Charley and Austin. There is a nice balance in this book of family drama, romance and the paranormal. Readers are sure to get the warm and fuzzies from this unique paranormal romance.

Jennifer Shepherd