A Draught of Ash and Wine (Midnight Guardians #2)

Kristin Jacques

PARANORMAL: Johnathan Newman is no longer human. Learning how to navigate his new life and abilities as a hellhound is proving to be very difficult for him, and on top of that, he is accompanied by a Vampire named Vic who he happens to be falling madly in love with. It doesn’t seem like life could get any more complicated – that is until the Society goes on the hunt for the pair. In danger of being caught by the Society, Johnathan and Vic seek sanctuary in a place known as the Estate. Temporarily safe, the duo is given the opportunity to explore their relationship with each other, and Johnathan attempts to explore his new abilities, but they know that they can’t stay hidden forever, and soon the Society will find them.

“A Draught of Ash and Wine” is the second book in the series by Ms. Jacques, and it is recommended to read the first book, “A Bargain of Blood and Gold”, before diving into this one. There is a lot of action throughout this book, and very steamy romance scenes. The character development appears to be done well for the second book in a series. The relationship between the two main characters deepens and their personalities develop much more throughout the story. There are several grammatical errors throughout the book that make it a slower read than it probably should have been. However, the plot of the story is well developed and enjoyable. “A Draught of Ash and Wine” is definitely for readers who enjoy action-packed monster romance stories!

Jennifer Shepherd