Death By Society

YOUNG ADULT: For high-schooler, Carter Harper, winning the prestigious Future Leaders Essay contest should be a happy occasion. Instead, it makes Carter more of a target for the most popular girls in school, known as the POPS—Petty, Oppressive and Popular Sh*tbags. Carter is used to being ignored, but since winning the award, it worsens things between her and her staunchest enemy, Queen Bee-Abby Wallace. Abby bullies Carter interminably, pushing her to the edge and causing her to self-destruct. Unfortunately, Carter’s “execution” never comes fruition and, instead, Abby, saves her. Carter, unwittingly, becomes important and occasionally allies with some of the POPS, including Abby. Still, popularity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and Carter realizes that one of the POPS plans to annihilate any fragile friendships that she makes in the future.
A highly emotional roller-coaster of  a young adult novel! A truly captivating read! The book, however, isn’t for really young readers and should be read cautiously, principally because some harsh subjects are discussed. The tale is written smartly from dual points of view, which brings bullying to the forefront, never sugarcoating the damage it brings and how abusive it can be. Amazingly, the one bullied unconsciously becomes famous. Carter, the long-suffering protagonist, inadvertently becomes the poster child and unsung hero of mental health. Readers will relate to the overwhelming feelings and oppressiveness caused by the prominent Abby. Yet, Abby, the esteemed and beloved leader of POPS, also isn’t completely unblemished either. Ms. Elmore writes an angsty, dark satire, contemporary LGBTQ story that is well worth reading!
Roslynn Ernst