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Rogue Planet
Steven M.

SCI-FI:  Kaushal is the son of the slain Second Tribe king, who was found as a child hiding with his family in the mountains.

The Sweet Spot

Giovanni Caceres is tired of being the screw up; in fact if he can just keep his nose clean while playing for the Arlington Aces, he might just have a shot at making it to the majors again. So, when the team owner recruits him to give her niece batting lessons, he can’t say no.


PARANORMAL:  Hunter has been working for Talon, a secret organization of telepaths for the last few years, but when her latest mission in San Diego goes sideways, not even her a

PARANORMAL:  Liam Whelan is the head of his house of empaths, and one half to a rare pair of soulmates. Unfortunately, his only leads to find her are his father’s confusing visions. Following yet another vision, Liam begins to court Laxshmi Kapadia, an Indian-American high school student with a strict traditional mother and the weight of her family’s expectations weighing her down.

Vienna Woods

Esther Lisle never thought a ride with her royal fiancé would result in murder and suspicion from the Austrian secret police, but when she wakes up from a blow to the head, she