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SCI-FI:  Jess and Kerzanna used to be together - until each thought the other was dead. Now reunited, they face a battle for their lives.

TIME TRAVEL/FANTASY:  Lady Rosanna Kendall is reaching a point in life where she may as well be a spinster.

WESTERN:  Wilhelmina Agatha Tremaine Butler, aka Willy, is an author on a mission.


Dr. Andrew Alexander is a kind-hearted soul. When he sees a battered woman in the waiting area of the Emergency Room he decides, system be damned, and he cares for her immediately. Robyn Monroe has carried many a scar, bruise, and broken bone on her frame. Her twin sister went against her wishes by bringing her to a hospital, knowing that they could not afford the treatment.

August Myer is thrilled to be visiting Castle Luschin with her mother, Lacy Meadowlark.