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On a trip to the Middle East, Layla Rose Wallace and her Saudi boyfriend are kidnapped and brought to Tehran. While her boyfriend’s ransom is paid, Layla is left behind to rot in prison, until an unexpected savior in the guise of a very powerful Iranian officer frees her from jail.

Exit Signs

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Researcher Tracy Price is hired to unearth the whereabouts of a prominent writer who disappeared in New Mexico. She has also been hired by rock star Jesse Elliot to go through his autobiographical manuscript prior to its publication.

Circle of Time
Debra Shiveley

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  After "borrowing" her father's yacht in order to sail off the tip of Florida to Bermuda, 21 year-old Bridget Littleton sees a face in the waves and falls overboard.  She wak

Hannah Malone wants revenge for the killing of her brother. She knows the man that is responsible and she will not rest until he pays the price. Hannah is a special agent with the FBI and has been using an informant named Leo. His brother works private security as a bodyguard and is a tech genius that she could really use on her team.

What the Gambler Risks

Sabrina Smith is a self-help author and soon to release her third book. Things are going her way; her current book tour to Atlantic City is winding down, and she's ready to head back home to Henderson, Nevada. Feeling restless, she heads to the casino.