Recent Reviews

SCI-FI/PARANORMAL:  Mackenzie Miller is a survivor who has navigated the dangers and pitfalls of an uncaring foster care system and life on the streets.  However, nothing in her short life can prepare her for her own murder and resurrect

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Private Investigator Lena Juarez is packing, ready to move on to a new town and a new life when Matthew Philmont comes to her office late one night.  He begs her to find his missing wife Shanae and son Trevor.

Willa assumes proprietorship of her aunt’s bookstore in Lobster Cove. On a stormy night, the mysterious Lon Devlin bangs on her door. He’s looking for her Aunt Jenny, but so are Willa and the police.

During a themed New Year’s soiree, Annabel yearns for champagne, murder and mystery. The thought is barely born when her Aunt Gwen topples from the second story with a knife protruding from her body.

Declan Reede finds fame as a champion race car driver, but life comes at him too fast and too furious. Ghosts from his past throw him off track—literally.