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Grace McConnell moves to London for a restoration project, needing a fresh start after the tragic death of her fiancé, John. When a glance across the baggage area of the airport has her thinking she sees her dead fiancé, she chalks it up to her imagination.

WESTERN:  Bethany Cook wants to live her life without having to rely on others.

As was the custom in the Scottish Highlands long ago, marriages were simply an agreement made to better the position of both clans - sometimes without consideration to the potential pair.

The Book of Hours
Maria Elena

A sequel to “The Coin”, Alonso-Sierra's novel, “The Book of Hours” picks up with Gabriella's story four years later, but in much the same situation - danger. As a gifted artist, Gabriella created a copy of a manuscript for a charitable event. Unfortunately, her rendition of the famed book drew the attention of a psychotic antique collector, set on possessing her creation no matter what.

Claiming Annie's Heart

Life is a series of decisions. Unfortunately, Annie Foster did not make the decisions that formed her life; her choices were taken out of her hands.