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The Underground
Katz Katz

Sometimes in the future, there is a book that’s forbidden and only whispered about, called The Reminder of Truth. What truth, you may ask? The truth of equality, a memory of times when there were no Parties of Availability, no Queen with her harsh laws.

Cape Ingenue

It was a perfect day for Sandrin and her friend Kestrel to meet up with friends. When they arrive at the swimming hole they find something they never could have been prepared for. Their friend Kevin is lying dead at the bottom of a treacherous waterfall. Sandrin embarks on an incredible adventure as she tries to figure out what is going on.

Word and Deed

After Verity Favian’s father dies unexpectedly (as unexpected as it can be when the poor man was murdered), she finds herself in a dicey situation.  As a witness, she’s in a very dangerous position -  killing her might make people suspicious, but she can’t be allowed to roam free and share her knowledge. The solution – marry her off to the highest bidder – Lord Silvanticus.

Life on the Edge

Emily Butler and Christopher Grayden are ice skaters. Not just any skaters, but the pair slated to challenge Russia for the gold at the Olympics. But first they must master the dangerous triple twist and more than a few challenges off the ice.Sergei is their Russian skating coach, young and developing his own professional career. 

Guild of the Viizar

Science Fiction

CNF: Totally unable to understand or follow the storyline.

Mimi Smith/Tonya Smalley