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Anthony is struggling as the Master Vampire of Atlanta. Juggling the co-habitation of vampire and shifters in the territory is a full-time task that’s left him bitter and jaded.

Rosie has been kidnapped and needs to learn how to hone her magic, and fast. She escapes with help from her guardian and now has to stop the evil, which is getting worse.

When Lucas is sent on a mission to find the key to defeat his enemies, the last thing he expects is to meet Kate, who becomes the woman he wants more than anything.

Son of Anubis

With the best nose for bombs at Newark International Airport, Jake the Shepherd and his human handler Becca Carter are the best. When he finds an ancient artifact, their world turns upside down and they risk losing one another.


FANTASY:  On his way home after eight years away, Magnus Tyrix comes across the woman he once loved and thought dead fighting off a band of thieves. He helps her and finds that she’s not the woman he knew all those years ago.