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HISTORICAL:  When Mr. Kinkaid Ambrose, Penelope’s husband, is murdered, Penelope leaves Shanghai for New York where she moves in with her mother and brother. In Shanghai, she operated a casino, The Jade Tiger.

Bailey Madison’s grandmother falls sick during her final year in college and she sacrifices finishing her college degree to take care of her. She has to leave behind many things, especially the only man who warmed her heart with his love, Brahms Kingsley. Brahms finishes his college degree and continues living his fun-filled life.

FAMILY SAGA:  It is in 1867 when Sarah and Hope arrive in Silver Birch Landing. Their trip on a bride ship from San Francisco to British Columbia was nothing like they had imagined. Fate sends Luke Harcourt to Hope’s rescue while Sarah lands in the crude hands of Tobias John. Beaten, bruised, and left for dead, Sarah’s life lies at the mercy of strangers.

HISTORICAL:  Arin, a blind girl, and her family are peaceful and content with their life when certain beings begin to disturn their peace with malevolence. The black gryphons, led by their power-thirsty leader, Cahal, are busy laying out their plans to vandalize all Irish villages where humans and gray gryphons live.

REGENCY:  When the Battle of Toulouse left Major Cecil Mathew Stapleton with physical and psychological wounds, he did not know what life would look like. Covered with scars and bitterness, Cecil exited his life as a soldier to embark on a new adventure, one he hadn’t figured out yet. Arriving at his Buckinghamshire cottage, he finds that someone else had occupied the cottage. Mrs.