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PARANORMAL:  Crystal Frost has just recently learned that she has inherited her mother’s psychic abilities, and just in time to help her mother’s fiancé track down a little girl

After his ex-wife left him for her drug dealer, Jarod King has sworn off relationships and generally ignored women entirely, preferring to stick to his job as sheriff and elimin

REGENCY:  Lady Ellington has been hidden away from high society her entire life by an abusive father who never wanted her.

ROMANTIC COMEDY/FAIRYTALE:  Midge Knightly knows firsthand that reality TV is anything but real, and the last thing she’s interested in is a phony romance based on ratings.

The Flame Eater
Barbara Gaskell

HISTORICAL:  After the murder of her beloved fiancé, Peter, Emeline is horrified to learn that she now must marry his brother, Nicholas - the man many think is his murderer.  The wedding is a disaster, with the