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WESTERN:  Thane Jordan is forced to go to England after the death of his brother, Henry, in order to settle the estate. Irritated that he can’t just do it by letter and telegram, once he arrives he finds things are more entangled than he could ever have dreamed.

On his way to an assignment, hired gun Peter Blackstone gets into a fatal car wreck. Well, fatal except that he doesn’t die.

After her father's death Amelia is left all alone, save a bachelor uncle who moved to the Americas years ago. When he shows up and demands she return with him in a week's time, her good friends contrive for her to stay for a few months in order to settle her affairs.

Jonathan has just been through an ugly divorce from a beautiful woman.  Olivia is a beautiful woman who survived an ugly childhood.

Julia is a wolf shifter - a pureblood - who has yet to find her fated mate.  While her mother rants about humans breeding with shifters, the truth is that most fated mates are humans, who then become shifters by the grace of the goddess.