Recent Reviews

PARANORMAL:  Giselle Richards is a teenage foster kid and werewolf who has been bounced from placement to placement. Meeting the Hernandez family of Las Vegas may change that.

Lady Helen MacIan is unhappy in her marriage to Lord Alek, and with good reason.  Upon her failure to produce the all-important heir, his Lordship has taken up with one of the local lassies and isn’t even subtle about it.  Publicly humiliated and trapped in a loveless marriage, Helen does h

Victoria Storm is at once a shape shifter, a Valkyrie and a High Priestess to the Goddess Freya.  Her family and pack have been betrayed by their closest allies, the Hunters.

Barbara is a mermaid whose transition into the human world was painful at best.  Abandoned by the man she was to marry, and left without resources, she is now a successful business woman on the threshold of a new life with the man of her dreams.

1970's:  Luz Maria Cervantes de Rueda comes from one of the oldest and most respected families in Spain.  After a long sojourn in England to complete her schooling, she is looking forward to finally settling down for good in the country of her birth.  Her plans are simple; start a satisfyin