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TIME TRAVEL/SUSPENSE:  Jessica has chosen a solitary life away from the city and everything she once knew.  It is a way to start fresh, away from prying eyes and awkward questions about the father of her young son; questions that she has no reasonable or rational answer for.  She is therefore aware of the irony of the situation when she realizes she is being watched from the woods that surround

MEDIEVAL:  Brighton De Faveraux is a postulate at Coldingham Abbey and as such, her life’s course has been set out for her - until she is kidnapped by a band of brigands.  Innocent of her past and of the world outside the Abbey walls, she must put her trust in Patrick de Wolfe, the handsome stranger who rescues her.

ANTHOLOGY:  “Amongst Other Gods” is a collection of short stories in which the reader meets a wide variety of characters, including Alton, a ‘hellion’ who, much to the confusion of his family, decides to

INTER-RACIAL/MULTI-CULTURAL:  Kasi is a woman very much scarred by her past and the loss of the one person that meant the world to her. Two years after that fateful event and, upon her therapist’s behest, Kasi attends a support group where she meets Jai Kim. Jai has also lost someone close to him.

Standing Up

Mike Lewis and Jill Kramer are two university students with burning ambitions and big dreams. Who would have thought a jock and a physicist could hit it off?