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In a battle for water, Earth's most precious resource, King Noeh is searching for his missing healer and gets more than he bargained for. Melissa is found by the King chained up and showing signs that she has been tortured.

The Cougar's Pawn

Ellery Colvard is camping with her friends when they are kidnapped by three men.

Rodeo Blues
Karen Michelle

WESTERN:  Bull riding champion Tye Casper left the woman he loved to join the rodeo ten years ago with a promise to return after one circuit run.

Someone is threatening to kill Ed Leviner, a talented young pitcher with the potential to play for the Major Leagues, and it is private detective Eli Sharpe’s job to discover the culprit.

Dr. Elizabeth Montrose has a rare form of cancer and is working with the military to discover why shifters don’t get sick and why they heal faster.