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FANTASY/ADVENTURE:  After losing heavily at a card game, Captain Regina Fitzwaters is summoned to the office of Mr. Gold, owner of the establishment.

Data analyst Cassie Howard is excellent at what she does — she prides herself on her integrity and attention to detail. When a new data analyst named Drew Kerrigan is hired by her company Cassie begins to fear she is training her replacement. Drew is really an FBI agent who works in cybercrimes and his mission is to prove Cassie guilty. As soon as the two meet, sparks fly.

Ty Garraway has  always been a betting man — and he’s betting that he'll be able to win back the family property lost by his grandfather in a poker game 80 years ago. The family lore has always said it was an unfair game and Ty has a letter to prove it.

When Vikings attack Elle Cam'beal's  parents have her run away with her younger brother, Erik, and advise her to take the claymore that resides over the hearth. Her destination is Dunstaffnage Castle, home of Laird MacDougall. When the Laird sees the claymore, he will give Elle and her brother safe lodging.

Someone is winning millions of dollars at the casinos owned by Valente International Corporation. Colin is the special wizard of the corporation and is called in to investigate. Everyone knows it is the same gambler with magical powers who is fleecing the casinos, but no two people can give the same description of what the perpetrator looks like.