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The Talisman: Crisscross

TIME TRAVEL:  Trish Larsen has come home in utter defeat.  At thirty years old, she has failed the bar exam for the third time and has no idea what her future will bring.  The only thing she has left is a trinket left to her by her beloved Grammy — one that can unlock the secret of time travel. Until now Trish has never believed the stories Grammy told her.

Leona MacDowell struggles to keep hope in  the house of her oppressive father, where her dreams of love and family seem fated to be unfulfilled. When she learns that she may have a chance at her dreams in the form of marriage to Alec Bowie she puts her heart and soul in his hands, even though she knows that Alec has been forced into this marriage.

Jo Wiley is an American expatriate in Slovenia, where she has lived for twenty-five years and operates a teashop.  She prefers things to be uncomplicated; no marriage or committed relationships, despite her nineteen-year-old son — far away from her troubled childhood in Tennessee.  When one of her casual lovers, Helena, is murdered, it awakens an ability that has run in her family for generatio

Englishman Harrison Dyer washes ashore on the coast of the Kingdom of Siam, only survivor of a merchant shipwreck, along with his nanny goat.

Gilda Greco may have won the lottery, but she will never be the kind of woman to sit idle. Her newest investment venture, a Greek restaurant called Xenia, seems to be a dream come true, given the expertise of owner and head chef, David Korba. Gilda plans to let her best friends in on the secret she's been keeping at an exclusive dinner party scheduled close to the restaurant’s opening date.