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GOTHIC:  Captain Ned Alter is bored at his own engagement party until Bianca shows up — naked. He perks up, embarrassed for the woman so brazenly walking among the guests, although no one else seems to notice her nakedness. When his mother even describes her beautiful gown, Ned wonders if he is going mad.

Even after two and half years, Mia still hurts over the loss of her dog, Austin.  Along with the heartache of not having his companionship, she also struggles even more with Meniere’s disease without him by her side.  When she meets a stranger and his dog on Halloween night, everything begins to change.  With his caring nature, the calming spirit his dog brings and visions of her Austin, Mia wo

The last person Jenna ever expects to see walk through the doors of her shop is Rod, the boy she crushed on in high school — but sometimes fate throws a girl a second chance at love.  Rod has only come into the shop to pick up something for his son Jamie, but the moment he sees Jenna standing behind the counter, he knows fate is throwing him another opportunity to win her heart.

The Capture (The Griffin Force #3)
Julie Coulter

As head of the Griffin Force, Julian’s main concern is finding his love, Zaya Altes.  When his team finally discovers her she is not the same, and Julian wonders if they can ever overcome the trauma Zaya has suffered at the hands of terrorist Nazer al Raimi.

Kenneth Brodie is a highlander, offered up by his clan to the Crown as a hostage. Exiled to St. Andrews, away from family and friends, he can’t believe it when he sees Mary Catherine Rose. She stole his heart a couple of years prior but her father, Laird Rose, had denied him permission to marry her.