Recent Reviews

The Nutting Girl

Frank Raven is an unusual guy. At one time or another, he has worn many hats: monk, cop, retired private detective, and heavy drinker. Things changed after he was shot and he now leads a much quieter life. He dances and sings with a local troupe and runs  an old movie theatre in Shelburne Falls.


SUSPENSE/THRILLER/WESTERN:  After receiving a phone call from a man claiming to be her stepfather who tells her that her mother is dying, artist Abigail Carson sets off for Wyoming, unaware she is right in the path of a blizzard. An Arizona native, Abigail has no idea what she is in for and is completely unprepared.

His Innocent Bride

Good-looking saloonkeeper Sam Standish is waiting at the train depot for his mail order bride.  Everyone around him is married, and although Sam doesn't consider himself the "settle down" type sending away for bride seemed like a good idea at the time. Once his intended arrives, he expects his active life will become as stale as a hot summer night.

Rachel has dreamed of attending film school for a very long time, and has until the end of the summer to raise the $35,000 tuition to the Toronto Film School. When she lands a job at a resort catering to Hollywood stars, she has hit the jackpot.  She can take candid shots of the stars while she is working and sell them to earn her tuition!

The Kiss of the Blue Howler

FANTASY:  Zephyr is unable to speak, and can only communicate through the Thought Energy pictures she creates.