Recent Reviews

Fatal Witness (The Fatal Series #2)
Michelle Godard-Richer

Jessica’s life seems to be getting back on track after the passing of her husband and raising her son, Bryce, on her own. That is until one night when Jessica is having trouble sleeping and she decides to open her bedroom window to get some air, and she witnesses something horrific.

Miranda Nights
Gail Ward Olmsted

Miranda Quinn is the perfect example of rising above challenges. Two years ago her life completely imploded, and she lost almost everything. But now she is married to the love of her life, has a very successful podcast, loyal friends, and a fabulous home. Her world seems perfect… until it all suddenly unravels.

The Alice Curse
Megan Van Dyke

On the day Eliza Carroll mourns the death of her grandmother, she is also informed her parents have secured a husband for her. Devastated, Eliza finds solace in the gardens. But upon trying to befriend a lovely rabbit, she inadvertently falls into a hole that lands her in another world!

Chiara's Choice
Chalon Linton

A sweeping historical romance, Italian fire meets British composure and produces sparks of attraction so powerful, neither Chiara Madero, the daughter of an Italian baron, or Mr. Abraham Jamison, a second born gentleman can resist them. At least not for long.

Mal and her team are determined to put the gangster Dessi in jail once and for all, but after a string of dead ends, they are running out of leads.