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Denim & Diamonds

A whole year on a ranch. It may seem like fun to some, but for a big city lawyer, it’s a daunting task—especially when the fate of said ranch lies solely in her hands. Beth is stubborn and determined to see to the success of the ranch, but can’t help but feel a bit of angst toward it.

“Caelen’s Wife” (book 1) is the story of Fiona McPhearson and all of the marriage proposals she is bombarded with until she has some sheep stolen from a neighboring clan. At least that is what she is led to believe.


Lady Rhoslyn has spent the last 14 months sequestered in the local Abbey after the deaths of her husband and baby.  When her grandfather finds out that the new King of Scotland wants to wed her to an English knight, he sends for her in order to keep her safe.  Somehow Talbot St.

Sir Duncan is sent to the Abbey to steal away Lady Meg. This is in order to keep her from being kidnapped by Northumberland which would result in a border war. Sir Duncan, a Highland Enforcer, does not expect to fall head over heels in love with Lady Meg.

The Wedding Proposal

Elle Jamieson and Lucas Rose are both looking for the same thing when they reach a sailboat in Malta - a relaxing summer. What they both find is their ex living on the same boat they have each been promised by a mutual friend/uncle.