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Goodbye Orchid
Van Den Hende

Phoenix is en route to meet his mother for brunch. It’s the anniversary of his father’s death, and he misses him immensely. The brunch is a way he and his mother connect over their mutual loss. When he arrives at the NYC subway platform and attempts to aid a homeless man, an accident alters his life forever.

Lady Phillipa Worthington fully earns her nickname of “Pip.” Refusing to be married off to a wealthy old man, Pip takes a drastic route of escape—as stowaway on a merchant ship bound for America. With her hair chopped short and disguised as a boy, Pip is lucky the captain, Daniel Simmons, is not only handsome but forgiving to a fault.

The only thing more important to Jack than his band is his wife, Mayzie. She’s gorgeous, full of fire, and stands behind Jack every step of the way. Unlike many rock-star couples, they spend little time apart—Mayzie and their two giant dogs travel with the band.

Following the death of her beloved grandmother, Cookie, Addyson finds herself ensconced in her grandmother’s mansion, searching through her possessions, and talking to her grandmother’s spirit. Between crying jags, Addyson thinks of her own life and that of her grandmother. Both were psychologists and liked nothing more than to help the patients who came to them.

Moordym Downs

Locke has grown up with only his mother to care for him. He lives in a small village, has a cottage on the property where is mother’s house is, and works at the local Inn. He is content with his life until the day his mother tricks him into taking her place at Moordym Downs, a castle with a foggy moor in the back of the house.