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Encore! (Tudor Saga Book 1)

Elizabeth Tudor left home at eighteen and enrolled at Juilliard as Mary Stuart. For ten years she never looked back and had no regrets about leaving her family behind. After all, they were so enamored of the musical talents of the three boys they had no time to nurture hers.

PARANORMAL:  Allison has never met her father. All she knows is that her mother became schizophrenic when she came along, so she feels responsible. Then one day her father Liam, shows up on her grandparents' doorstep.

The Salty Dog

Libbys life was missing something.

PARANORMAL:  Kassandra has been misunderstood her entire life. She knows her family has thought she is crazy; so much so that her mother couldn’t deal with it anymore and left the family two years ago. Kassandra has what she refers to as “abilities”. She is clairvoyant. Her friend Logan convinces her that it is a talent - and one that he shares.

Beneath a Sicilian Sun

Joanne Smith is a renowned journalist for Life Today magazine. Her latest assignment is to interview Dante Alphonso. He is trying to get positive publicity for his pet charity, an organization that grants wishes to dying children.