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FANTASY:  Princess Aria is excited to be marrying Lord Thomas - until she catches him in bed with her best friend’s cousin. Then the royal wedding is called off amid much scandal.

Christabel awakens in a foreign hotel room with no memory of anything – including who she is!

Poison Heartbeats (Heartbeat #2)
Temple Emmet

George 'Mac' McKlane III is a Director of Homeland Security. His team of highly trained individuals comprises the Operation Poison Well Unit.

Ula Gallagan is a dutiful daughter. The beautiful fada Seer with an unreliable and often questionable gift dreams of doing extraordinary things and seeing far-off places. As the only daughter of the Shannon clan's Alpha, her duty is to honor her clan and marry someone worthy of her station.

Kennedy Simms is an adult - a fact of which she constantly has to remind her brother Hunter. His "No Boys Allowed" reputation has chased away any potential suitor she's ever had. On the verge of graduating college, she's decided to exert her independence from her overbearing brother.