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Medium Devon Daughtry is moving into a house where the previous occupant has simply vanished. Ethan, the previous occupant, believes he is a ghost, but has learned he can leave the house at will. Devon’s best friend Beth is living in a house that has a dark force living in it.

SOUTHERN GOTHIC:  Maddie Baker has come home to regroup after divorcing her cheating husband.

My Sweet Danish Rose
Tina Peterson

HISTORICAL:  In 1863 Berta Erichsen's family plans to immigrate to America and join the other Mormons settling in Utah.  Berta is fifteen years old and very definitely has a mind of her own - and she impulsively decides to stay behind to help an aunt.

Lady Dianna Foxcroft and Miles Radnor, Earl of Winfield, have known each other nearly their entire lives - and been betrothed almost that long.  When their wedding day finally arrives, however, Miles is nowhere to be found.

Mrs. Understood's husband is cheating - and when she learns that he's at Nana's Cajun Restaurant with his latest conquest, she speeds over to catch them together. While walking across the street, she is hit by a vehicle and when she regains consciousness, she is in hell.