Reviews - Inspirational

Christmas for Lucy
Saundra Staats

Lucy Clark is alone and abandoned.

SPECULATIVE FICTION:  Princess Padar Lacer arrives on Dharani Island anxious to meet the people she will rule and serve, but a case of hasty misunderstanding sweeps her off to a rather chilling and dangerous encounter.

EPIC FANTASY:  Being born female in a kingdom hoping for a male heir can make a girl feel like a huge disappointment. Princess Constance has done everything in her power to change that view. She’s traveled to distant lands, spent countless hours in study, and served her people well.

Love Unfeigned
Nadine C.

CONTEMPORARY:  Lorraine and Isaiah have been tied together since the first time Lorraine challenged Isaiah to a game of wall ball on the playground. Their friendship continues naturally for many years until trouble in Isaiah’s family begins to separate the two.

A Carol For Kent

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Carol Mabry lost her heart in college but the boy she loved had bigger plans so she let him go...even though she carried his child.  At the request of his parents, she never told anyone and allowed his fame to rise while she worked her way to becoming a successful attorney and raise her beloved daug