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Then She Sang

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Single mom, Tracey, is back home and plans to raise her infant daughter, Emilie, surrounded by love, safety and security. It is not perfect or easy, but better than the alternative she left behind them. She has a plan with family and good girlfriends. So far, she is off to a decent start for her and Emilie. Then she runs into Alex.

Island of Miracles

Katherine Middleton enjoyed her life, happily married to a pilot and employed by the Smithsonian, but free to party in the evenings. Then Katherine answers a phone call and discovers her marriage is a sham. Deciding to leave her family home in Georgetown and start over, Katherine quits her job, and uses her savings to hide out on Chincoteague Island.

Zach is a man with a past. A retired US Army sniper now living on Chincoteague Island, he’s been trying to recover his humanity – and finds complications in his blossoming feelings for his beautiful, widowed next-door neighbor, Kayla.

Vivir El Dream
Allison K.

Told from the perspectives of a college student, her mother, and an unemployed businessman, “Vivir El Dream,” tells a story about race, equality, and love.  Juanita brought her daughter Linda to the United States at the age of three to escape an abusive marriage.  Now years later, still undocumented, she wonders if she can ever live a life free from worry.  In her last year of college, Linda fa

Set in the time of the Korean War, "Love's Challenge" illustrates its effect on young lovers Laura Beth Walters and Joey McCall.  Their first challenge is Joey’s time away at college, and then they thought they were ready to be married. Instead, Joey is drafted to go away to Korea to fight, leaving Laura Beth home alone and estranged from her doting daddy.