Wren: A Romany Epistle Novel


Wren Romany’s world was shattered the day her family was cast out and she and her siblings were commanded never to see each other again.  Since that time, Wren has learned to survive by using her unconventional skills as a bounty hunter.   Not the accepted career choice for a woman and one that leaves her in constant danger.  After years,  Wren decides to find one place to settle down where her skills as a huntress of food rather than men might be used.  

Tourth Mynth is struggling to keep his people fed while hiding from the men who murdered his parents and confiscated his land.  So, when he sees the odd woman with talents he has never considered, he agrees to allow her shelter for the winter in return for food on the table.  Little does Tourth know that Wren will do more for his people, his future and his heart than he ever dreamed.


Ms. Rossano is fast becoming one of the brightest stars in the clean romance heavens.  Her writing instantly draws the reader in, making them part of her vivid worlds.  This inspirational historical fantasy is evidence of both her skills and her challenges.  Wren and Tourth are each written realistically and compassionately yet so little time was spent in exploring their feelings for each other that the spark between the two was sadly missing. There were times one craved even a kiss or a touch! The pace was somewhat slow at times, also.  The unique and creative storyline, however, made up for any small setbacks. Overall,  it truly is a wonderful twist and a delightful tale!


TJ Mackay