Wishing On Baby Dust


Megan has been dealing with infertility for six years. She is getting tired of fighting with the ups and downs of insanity-provoking hormones and unanswered prayers. In the midst of that struggle she and her husband move to a new town, and they must decide whether or not they want to continue with treatments. Meanwhile, Megan meets her new neighbor Christina, part of the same ward.  They team up to help Kyra, another member of the church, with the disappointment of her secondary infertility. An unexpected camaraderie grows between the women as they wage their respective battles against infertility. "Wishing on Baby Dust" commemorates the joys, sorrows and the bond of friendship through adversity. 


There was an energizing vibe to this emotionally provocative tale. This book was like having three stories in one, masterfully woven in congruency. The author did a fantastic job of keeping the perspectives of the three women straight. It was very impressive to have different stories with their respective outcomes. All three women were distinct characters with great depth.  The book had a strong spiritual aspect concerning a specific religion. If one is not familiar with that particular church, parts of the story might not make sense. Unfortunately, the religious aspect could alienate readers, and there were some facts to the story that didn't check out.  In the end, though, this story was honest and encouraging and well worth the read. It can be a great comfort to those who can relate to struggling with infertility. 

Jessica Samuelsen