Whispers of a New Dawn

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HISTORICAL:  1941 was a year of great upheaval but little did 19 year old Becky Whetstone realize just how much.  Returning to her parents' Amish roots after her family spent years flying missionaries all over the world, Becky finds the Amish lifestyle curious but comforting.  When she meets and falls in love with a young Amish man, she decides it is time to put away her love of flying for a more settled life. It seems that is not where God is calling her, however, as circumstances push her family back into the world of flying to train would-be officers preparing for war in Hawaii.  Knowing they will be shunned forever from their family and friends but believing this is God’s will, Becky’s family leaves - for good. Devastated and determined never to love again, Becky fights her attraction to any and all men - especially the brash young fighter Becky is asked to train.  As WWII descends and life becomes a precious commodity, however, Becky must learn to follow God’s direction - even if it means accepting each precious moment love is given.

What a beautiful, inspirational story of love, and heartbreak amid the lessons of learning to follow God at all costs!  Written with a very heavy Christian leaning and message, this may not be the book for those who prefer their preaching light-handed.  If, however, one enjoys strong religious elements driving the storyline, it doesn’t get better than this!  Mr. Pura deftly pens an almost pitch-perfect account that weaves both spiritual and human emotions with faith into one of the most harrowing and horrendous periods in American History.


Ruth Lynn Ritter