Where the Water Rages


Kimly Denim is an American journalist whose marriage is on the rocks. She is feeling unfulfilled in her job, and wants to be a greater asset as a person and make a difference in the world. Deciding that writing an expose on human trafficking in Thailand is the best option, she heads off on an adventure that would help her achieve her goal. Soon after arriving she meets Dak, a handsome stranger who seems to want to help her in any way he can. 


Sold into slavery by her uncle, nine year old Noi doesn’t understand why he would do such a thing. She is doing the best she can, although disobeying and fighting those who hold her captive isn’t always wise. Will she be able to survive what she has been forced into? Will she ever get to go home again? 


Ms. Sill has taken on a very heartbreaking subject. While not overly graphic, there are parts of this story that are very hard to read. The relationship between Kimly and Dak is wonderful and they have amazing chemistry, however, there isn’t much depth to the story itself. What should be gripping and intense really isn’t. Kimly sometimes doesn’t think before she acts, making one question her journalistic abilities. Noi’s perspective is dark and heart-wrenching, and probably more realistic than one wants to ponder. The ending is a huge surprise, which was an unexpected delight. With a delicate hand, Ms. Sill weaves faith, family and sex trafficking into a gut-wrenching tale. 


Lynne Bryant