As We Forgive (Bellwood Series, Book #2)

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Tim Garrett is a young, struggling youth pastor at Bellewood Church. He’s in charge of the teenagers, which is tricky, because he’s dealing with a lot of rage issues!  Roxanne Ratner is a new Christian and volunteer at Bellewood – she is young and pretty and they are instantly attracted to each other. He’s afraid to start a new relationship with her because of the disastrous way his engagement ended.  She was abandoned by her father, doesn’t trust men, and has major self-esteem issues, which she overcompensates for by being a shopaholic. She is also still struggling with certain behaviors expected of a faithful Christian.
Tim is also dealing with a troubled youth named Johnny who seems determined to make his life miserable and ruin any chance he has at being successful as a youth pastor. There is a lot in the way of these two getting together!
This story is a very sweet look at Tim and Roxanne, real people, dealing with real problems and definitely not perfect!  While enjoyable, it tends to stay on the surface, never delving into the real depth of what’s going on. The reader would enjoy knowing  more about each one of their lives. Christian language is also used extensively while dealing with the problems that people struggle with every day as they try to live what they believe in the real world.  If one is in the mood for a very nice, inspirational love story that’s easy to read and light on the senses, this is a good book to pick up!
Lynne Coyer