Waves of Hope (A Silver Script Novel #7)


Advertising executive Mal Wilkins is offered an amazing opportunity to spend two weeks in California learning the ins and outs of AMF Sporting Goods, a possible new client with wonderful potential for her company. However, Mal suffers from severe anxiety and doesn’t know if she will be able to handle it. What happens if she has an attack while doing her job? Will she be able to keep her anxiety at bay? 

Ryan Jones, owner and CEO of a billion dollar sporting goods company, would rather be hanging ten on a tasty wave than sitting at a desk. When he picks Mal up at the airport she is quite surprised — she had no idea she would be dealing with the owner of the company, not to mention spending the next two weeks in his company. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that there may be more to their meetings than just work. 

Ms. Weist has written a unique heroine in Mal, who suffers from severe anxiety. Sadly, the characters and story lack depth, and the insta-love connection is a bit much. Ryan is a great leading man; he’s not perfect but he’s extremely accepting of Mal’s condition. The subject of Mal’s anxiety is handled with compassion. There just isn’t enough of a build up to make the readers connect to the romance and invest their emotions in the characters. The anxiety issue isn’t finalized by the ending but they do find their HEA. This subject has great potential and with a little more time invested in the romance, "Waves of Hope" could be a winner!

Lynne Bryant