Undercover Engagement


INSPIRATIONAL:  Alyssa Eastman has just become engaged to the man of her dreams - or has she? The day after she accepts his marriage proposal she finds out he is an international spy. Jason Butler (if that’s his real name) has no alternative but to tell his fiancée about his covert career after they were shot at on their way to meet her parents. With his secret life exposed, Jason enlists Alyssa’s help in bringing down a terrorist group. Bullets fly and things heat up when Alyssa is put on the hit list. Will Jason be able to bring down the terrorists, save Alyssa’s life, and still be the man she loves?


This innovative novel gets off to a speeding start from the first page when the bullets fly,to the very last page when all is said and done. Classified as a Christian love story, this tale reads more like a humorous spy novel rather than a classic romance. It needs a little more fleshing out in the espionage department for the reader to have a better understanding of the plot; however, the refreshing and witty manner in which it’s presented offers a glimpse into the world of undercover operatives in a clean fashion without the use of curse words or sex. Containing likeable and engaging protagonists, witty dialogue, and a plot that flows seamlessly and at a good pace, this tale keeps one glued to the pages. The interspersing of humor and suspense, along with the espionage, makes this novel a lively and entertaining story that will appeal to readers of many different genres.


Janna Shay