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Elizabeth can't sleep – her daughter Katherine can't breathe, and her husband Chris doesn't believe her!  He is so dismissive of everything that's happening – what's wrong?  When they finally go to the hospital, Dr. Steven Moore confirms Katherine's apnea, and works to save her.  When Katherine dies and Elizabeth finds out about Chris's affair, she can't go on.  She begins to explore the party life, but Dr. Moore always seems to be there to bail her out.  Elizabeth feels she can tell him anything, like she's known him all her life.  Is she falling for him?  And what about Chris – are they done forever?  Chris wants to fight for his marriage – he quits the affair, quits his job, and devotes himself to Elizabeth.  But is it enough, or too little too late?  Steven Moore is interested in Elizabeth too, and thinks about rekindling a high school romance with her.  

Unconditional is a mystery story in a romance, with unexpected twists and turns.    The love triangle between Elizabeth, Chris and Steven is especially riveting, with no clue as to who Elizabeth will choose.  Chris's passion as he attempts to atone for his transgressions and win back his wife, and Steven's angst as he tries to decide if he should pursue Elizabeth, make for great reading.  More backstory on Elizabeth's fall and coma would help set the stage for her later anxiety.  The end does not disappoint, as Elizabeth begins to heal and discover what is truly important in her life.


Victoria Z. Burg