Two Roads: The Unraveling of Dark Family Secrets


Ray Shipman is an optimist driven by an experience he had many years ago. The problem is that Ray is slipping deeper and deeper into the grips of Alzheimer’s, and the man that emerges is nothing like the cheerful man his family has always known. Worse yet, a dark family secret is wrapped up with the events that created the marriage and family he has now. When the secret begins to slip out, the love of his life, Allison, his children Dorothy and Jackie, and his best friends are faced with a truth that has been buried for decades and could motivate drastic changes in who all these people believe themselves to be. And it may have a dire effect on what they will do next.

What an incredible tale! “Two Roads: The Unraveling of Dark Family Secrets” explores the lives of three generations of a family and how a couple of major decisions early in Ray and Allison’s marriage impacted everyone years later. Smooth alternating points of view between the family members reveals several challenges for the couples and for the characters as individuals. The plot slowly builds to quite the dramatic climax. Besides the believable characters and their engrossing drama, there is also a very hopeful and inspirational Christian undertone which explores how to overcome some difficult marital challenges and grow love. Although the ending is surprising and abrupt, readers who love a good thought-provoking contemporary tale with a dash of realistic drama should definitely check out this book!

Sarah E Bradley