Topaz Heat (Pt. 3 of the Jewel Trilogy)


Sarah Thomas is a 30 year-old nurse at a Boston hospital.  Her two older sisters are worried about her and are always trying to protect her from her past, where they suffered so much as children.  They finally receive some hope that Sarah will find true love when Derrick DiNunzio returns to Boston.  The family has always known that Derrick is in love with Sarah, but Sarah has always had nothing but disdain for him.  She stills sees him as a street kid that ran with the wrong crowd with tattoos and a bad attitude. Can Sarah forgive and open her eyes to the man he has become?
This Christian romance was refreshingly written and highlights the characters' faith in God at times when it seems all hope is lost. It is the 3rd and final book in the Jewel trilogy and the author ties everything together beautifully while helping the reader understand how the past colors the present and directs the future. With such a heartfelt message tied into such a heartwarming story, this book will leave one hoping  for a 4th installment, because there is so much more to learn and enjoy in these intriguing characters' lives!  Very well done, Ms. Bridgeman!
Lynne Coyer