PARANORMAL:  Aaron Cohen is a lonely guy.  He works as a data center engineer, traveling everywhere, living and vacationing by himself.  He’s friendly with his neighbor Mandie and her son Ethan, but she doesn’t want any more than that, case closed.  Aaron’s life takes a radical twist when he buys an ancient artifact on vacation, and it turns out to be something so much more.  


The black onyx stone in the brass box has Hebrew writing on it;  Aaron’s Bar Mitzvah was so long ago, he doesn’t remember the letters.  Strange things start to happen to Aaron now that he has the stone in his possession.  He can see other people’s dreams, and affect real life events based on what he sees.  Aaron meets a man who tells him about the Lamed Vovniks and the legend surrounding them - thirty-six who will save the world.  But where does Aaron fit in?


“Thirty-Six” is a story of mystery and adventure, with some Old Testament tie-ins to keep things interesting.  Readers will be strapped in for the ride with Aaron as he explores the history of the onyx stone and its power.  The hint of romance between Aaron and Mandie is a nice counterpoint to the mystery, and keeps one rooting for them, hoping for Mandie to give Aaron a chance and for Aaron to find the girl of his dreams.


Nicely done!


Victoria Z. Burg