A Summer to Cherish


When the main ingredient in David Fodero’s artistic career threatened to shut everything that defines him, he withdraws from the rest of his world to a secret place where he hopes no one, from the life he is choosing to exit, can ever locate him. Ashley Madden who solely relies on David’s art supplies, though indirectly, to keep her business alive, has to do something when the man holding the keys to her business disappears. Not knowing where to find him, she makes a trip to one of her close friends, Sarah, hoping to get a lead. True to her instincts, her friend gives her the much-needed help to locate the famous artist who has decided to shut the door to the business world. She barely knows the man. How will she even start questioning his disappearance?

What begins as a casual attempt to keep one’s livelihood afloat takes a huge spin when the curtain of the artist’s cool cabin split open. When the witty character of Ashley and the stoic no-nonsense stature of David mix, a rainbow of humor, hope, joy, and a great romance is born. What an artistic piece of literary art! The reader is totally carried away by the sequential waves of storyline that keeps the boat rocking, making it a perfect read for any day, any time. The theme of how to deal with people’s disabilities through compassion shines throughout Ashley’s role, making “A Summer to Cherish” a perfect mirror for the contemporary society. Undoubtedly, lots of work, thoughts, and amazing talent went into what became this wonderful read.

JM Lareen