The Strong One (Cutter's Creek #2)


HISTORICAL:  Determined not to be traded like a string of beads to anyone, Sarah Songan flees the only home she’s ever known. Unfortunately, a single woman without protection in 1866 Montana territory easily becomes a target for the unscrupulous, and when one dangerous man takes an interest, Sarah is worried that her days of freedom are numbered. Bill Hanover is tired from his time fighting in the Civil War and stops in Cutter’s Creek to work and bide his time before joining a cattle drive further west. A chance encounter between the two could signal the change they both need, but with Sarah hiding her past and Bill only in the area for a short time, can they overcome their troubles and find love, or will secrets keep them apart?

A sweet Christian historical novella, “The Strong One” is over much too soon. Sarah is half Apsaalooke Crow and half white, and her past experiences keep her from trusting anyone for fear of being thrown away. The plot centers on her fears when it comes to trusting Bill, and uses the minor action in the form of Angus Colt to push Sarah and Bill together. This has a rushed effect on the story, especially when combined with the short length. While the plot is predictable and not very complex,  the story flows smoothly, and Sarah’s introduction to God and faith is included without overpowering the story.  Overall, this is a nice tale to fill in a lazy afternoon.

Sarah E Bradley