Song of Existence


Song of Existence is a fantasy novel about the divine nature in all people and everything in existence. It addresses the failure of mankind to pay attention to the interwoven nature of life. Told through the life story of Hawk Descending, a hunchback who is abused by family and is a social outcast in his village. In this world power is stolen from the masses and coveted by those in positions of authority. Upon meeting a Harper, Hawk starts discovering the truth about the world and begins a magical quest to uncover the connection between the music he hears and its ability to bring wisdom and enlightenment to the broken and downtrodden.

“Song of Existence” is a  powerful fantasy and philosophical novel, It is also a very thought provoking read. Although slow to start and heavy in symbolism and detail, the novel shows each person as they are, neither complete victims nor monsters, rather restrained by the limited each person self-imposed upon themselves. The drama and conflict is mostly psychological and the story is mostly there to move the philosophical argument along. However, readers who enjoy psychological stories, books addressing societal needs, or simply enjoy understanding people and their motivations, all wrapped in a nice fantasy world will enjoy this book.

Sarah E Bradley