Snow Globe Reunion (Snow Globe Christmas Collection)


It’s Christmas Eve and Carrie Sanders is hurrying through the airport to catch her flight home when she accidentally bumps into a soldier with bright green eyes also heading home for Christmas.  They part and, her flight delayed, Carrie heads to the busy coffee shop to while away the time.  She finds herself sharing a table with the mysterious elderly Mrs. Gibson who seems to have been expecting her.  Excusing herself and not returning, the lady leaves behind a bag containing only an old snow globe enclosing the figures of a couple skating.  Carrie falls asleep on an airport bench holding the snow globe, but wakes up on a frozen pond where she’s evidently been skating with a soldier with bright green eyes.


Although the concept of traveling back in time via a snow globe is not original, it is perfect for a Christmas tale.  Readers may be disappointed to find however that the plot is somewhat confusing and could be better developed.  Also the novella’s faith element, which is a significant part of the story, doesn’t feel as integral to the characters’ lives as one might expect it to be. While the writing lacks depth and variety, the author evokes the Second World War era well.  Carrie and her green-eyed soldier are tenderly portrayed and one wishes them a very happy Christmas.


Heather Belleguelle